Jake Richardson - Now appearing in Kevin Smith's "Clerks II," in theaters everywhere

Michael Angarano - Joins the cast of "24"
Michael Angarano in "Black Irish"

Haley Joel Osment - Currently filming "Home of the Giants"

Adam Wylie - Now performing in "Wicked" The Musical

Jeremy Sumpter - Completes the "Sasquatch Dumpling Gang"

Shawn Pyfrom - A hit sensation in "Desperate Housewives"
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  Angarano, Michael
  Osment, Haley Joel
  Pyfrom, Shawn
  Richardson, Jake
  Sumpter, Jeremy
Wylie, Adam
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   Film Festival - Michael
   Angarano's "Bondage" is
   competing at the South by
   Southwest Film Festival.
   Michael Angarano - now
   filming 5-7 episodes of season
   6 of FOX's hit action/drama

   Haley Joel Osment - is on
   the tail end of filming "Home
   of the Giants," a film about a
   High School journalist.

   Jake Richardson - books a
   guest starring role in "Cold
   Case."  This episode deals
   with events surrounding the
   death of Curt Cobain.
   Michael Angarano - wrapped
   "Bondage," "Black Irish,"
   "One Last Thing," and "Final
    Season."  Michael was
    recently in Toronto for the
    debut of "One Last Thing"
    at the Toronto Film Festival.

   Jake Richardson - can be
   seen in Kevin Smith's
   "Clerks II" in select theaters.

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